Four Seasons Durians

Been to Jewel@Changi yet? If you haven’t, here’s another reason for you to go. Today, I’m gonna introduce you a brand that you might have already heard of, Four Seasons.

Four seasons Durians

Four Seasons Durians has been around since the early 70’s and they started out from a fresh fruit stall along Thomson road. Singaporeans definitely know the classic durian puffs and pancakes located in many shopping malls. I remember the times where I would specially go to AMK Hub just to get their durian pancakes. It was a favourite for my family and I.

You might not know but they opened a restaurant at Jewel@Changi that sells durian infused dishes that seems rather exotic to some. If you’re a fan of durians, you wouldn’t want to miss this out.

I was greeted with a table of fresh durians when I approached the restaurant. They are selling packets of durians (Mao Shan Wang) like the ones you would find at a Pasar Malam. They even had a stand and basket that display the durians itself.

Durian rack
Durians that are sold in packs

At first I was quite skeptical with some of their dishes because I really can’t imagine how it would taste like.

They served me an appetiser first, ‘Crispy Chinese Fritter You Tiao with Durians’. It seems to be a decent dish on first look and it tastes pretty good , beyond what I expected. It’s like having a crispy version of the durian pancake. The generous durian flesh literally melts in your mouth. The first dish had me sold already.

Crispy Chinese Fritter/YouTiao with Durian

Up next, I had the ‘Durian Hotpot’. Oh boy was I anxious. This is something that I would not imagine putting together. Shabu Shabu with chicken soup that has 3 pieces of Mao Shan Wang in it? HMMM…

Durian MSW hotpot

I decided to try the soup first but the durian flesh haven’t infuse with the soup so you can’t really taste much of the durian. I cook the ingredients and waited for the soup to boil. Once the durian flesh fell off the seed, the soup became a thick broth that smells really strong. It tastes literally like durian soup and personally I felt that the durian acts as a sweetener to the soup. I wouldn’t say it taste bad but it’s something that I couldn’t quite put together. However it does taste quite unique if you pair it along with the ingredients.

Up next, I tried their ‘Wagyu beef charcoal burger’, ‘seafood laksa pesto’ and ‘Kampung MSW durian fried rice’. I would like to specially highlight the Wagyu burger. The patty is really amazing. Full of juice and it’s really very tender with a touch of smokiness to it. 100% must try. Their seafood laksa pesto is also quite decent. It’s fairly spicy and the seafood is really fresh. A successful fusion dish. Lastly, the Kampung MSW durian fried rice. To be honest, I couldn’t taste much of the durian for this dish. However, the chicken and sambal really stands out. Pairing the tender chicken along with some fried rice and chilli, PERFECT.

Wagyu beef charcoal burger
Seafood laksa pesto
Kampung Durian MSW fried rice

To end off, I tried 2 of their desserts, the durian dome cheesecake and the MSW durian mochi. The durian dome cheesecake is definitely gonna be popular amongst those dessert lovers. Sweet and savoury is what I would use to describe it. The MSW durian mochi taste very much like the durian snowskin mooncakes. Put one in your mouth and let it slowly melt.

Durian dome cheesecake
MSW Durian mochi

Do try them out if you’re a fan of durians. They have a stand that sells durian pancakes as well. Many of you must be curious on how it taste and I have tried my best to elaborate it. But you have to really go and experience it for yourself. ‘No Ragrets’.

Four Seasons Durians

Address: Jewel @ Changi

Opening hours: 24hours daily