Today we’re here at Sweet Monster @ Hillion mall. Sweet monster is a Korea franchise that serves soft served ice cream along with popcorns. They have over 9 flavors of popcorn to choose from such as corn soup, milk tea, takoyaki, etc. If you think that they are just a regular dessert shop then you’re wrong! They have a background story revolving around cute monsters that represents their brand. We heard from the owner that they have names like “Pop-mon” because it’s a popcorn monster and “Blue-mon” because the monster is blue in color. (Obviously) 

The whole experience of eating the ice cream is different when you know the entertaining story behind them. So, before you head down to try, do some read up on its story or if the owner is around, you can get him to share with you. FYI, he’s really nice! 

We tried some of their classic popcorn ice creams and their Bingsu. Their classic popcorn ice cream is a mixture of korean popcorn with different flavours such as cheese and caramel. The savoury and sweet popcorn really goes well with the soft serve. It’s like dipping French fries with ice cream. A perfectly well-matched combination. 

If you’re not a fan of popcorn, don’t worry, they do have other soft-serve without popcorns. We tried the matcha and caramel with pretzel soft serve. The caramel pretzel soft serve has a nutty and slight sweet and salty flavor. It opens up your palette and once you get a mouthful, you will yearn for more. Thematcha soft serve is also great because you can taste the matcha in every spoon as the matcha are generously spread all over the soft serve. 

Love Oreo cheesecake? They have a bingsu that is served with oreo crumbs and cheesecake. I was really impressed and intrigued by the idea of this combination. Somehow it goes really well and I wonder where has this combination been all these while since the hype of bingsu in Singapore. 

Besides all their ice cream and bingsu, they do have other drinks and snacks available on their menu which personally I find quite extensive. It’s like an all in one dessert shop. And guess what, they sell merchandises such as soft toys, key chains and even make up products (beauty blender, cushion, etc). 

Last but not least, do take a picture with the wall art. It’s insta-worthy. Time to update your insta with some fresh backdrop! 

Sweet Monster 


Hillion mall (10AM-10PM Daily)